I live in New York (mostly) and Boston (sometimes), and I love them both, but will always be a Mainer. Once you know that about me, everything else falls into place.

As a kid, I was mesmerized by my dad's Kodachrome slides of Europe. I learned to print black & white in high school, and later, worked as a studio manager. One evening at NU, our professor asked if any of us loved our jobs. I was the only one to raise a hand.

Years later, I still love what I do. I especially enjoy the place where family and work crash together. In production, colleagues become trusted friends and sometimes, family makes its way onto crews. It's chaotic and sometimes messy, but it's never, ever dull.

80% of my work is on location, and I like it that way. To quote Mr. Cash, "I've been everywhere, man." Well, almost. The last pre-COVID year included New Jersey, St. Augustine, Houston, Austin, Miami, Boulder, LA, LA, LA, Louisville, Tulsa, even New York and Boston. And then LA again.

I was in LA when COVID changed our world, but I spent lockdown in a studio apartment in New York. I looked down from the loft one day and saw this perfect image. I realized that a tiny space contained much of what I cherish. My desk, with a dog sleeping underneath, Cap'n, sunning herself in her tank, and my younger son, on a Zoom call, wearing a shirt he designed. Knowing that many lost much this past year makes me appreciate what I have been given and it all tucks nicely into 970 sq ft!

I am not good at sitting still, doing nothing, waiting. This characteristic is not advantageous in a doctor's office, but it is useful for keeping productions on schedule.

I am stubborn to a fault, and I don't admit defeat easily. I believe there has to be an achievable solution to every problem. Most of the time, common sense gets you there.

That was then and this is now. Weather changes, schedules evolve, talent gets sick. My crews know this and work with me to get the best shots possible, even when it's pouring (see BTS images for proof!).

I once cleaned Julia Child's wall oven. Yes, the one in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. She said I did a good job.